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im not even ashamed anymore im just hungry

anything helps$TamlynPhoenix

'im the multiple version of what happens when a couple has a baby to fix their marriage'

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at least i have insurance, its shitty public insurance but fuck i don't even want to think about how this would go without it

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damn i wish i had some friends to watch sports with

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hey if y'all wanna help me out and you havent signed up for a cash account sign up and we both get $5

@lindar got me weed and enough food for like a week! tysm

the people whose couch ive been living on have a beautiful cat and she finally got used to me

do i actually have depression or am i just depressed bc of all the other untreated shit

i need some weed or a fckin road trip or something

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We've received five boxes in the last week, as well as a boatload of continuous support. Thank you!

dreamed i was an essential part of a whole group of friends

there was a soundtrack

it felt good

so far weve received three boxes of soylent from anonymous gifters

thank you so much you are literal lifesavers <3

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just finished season one of and... i think this is the first time ive felt this close to another berserker

they portray it better than anything ive ever seen

im not even ashamed anymore im just hungry

anything helps$TamlynPhoenix

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