Was fucking around with my acoustic guitar earlier today for the first time since I moved and decided to record something that sounded neat.

This is the third recording, adding up all I figured out while fucking around. Only editing was cutting segments and the fade out.

(Volume warning)

advertisements do not work on me only memes and pornography can convince me

Sudden urge to do a video series of my beefy mechwarrior cat girl character regaling folks with stories of combat (previous missions from the MW:D game I'm in), with some background bits slipped in here and there.

... would either need to bulk up *a lot* or get a vtuber/vr model though. And probably do some voice training for once. >->

i'm going to take a big axe and swing it hiiiigh over my head and slam it down on the head of everyone who doesn't put a name or maker's mark on their convention merchandise and cleft them in twain, then gently insert the idea "make it easy for people to find you online" into their breezy open-air brain hemispheres

fool's gold. dipshit's bismuth. aluminum of the chump. these are just a few of the minerals the "courts" have legally prohibited me from trafficking in.

๐Ÿง  "Strong enough for a woman but made for a man"
๐Ÿฏ That's totally a Canopian ad
๐Ÿง  But all the hair care commercials for women are the same
๐Ÿฏ Of course

space show plug 

Just a little bit away from starting tonight's space live show. Come and join the conversation! youtu.be/ZsOa4T87h1E

The base ref for Athena is done. I wanna do some outfit designs later on as well n-n


Okay, so SOUL MUSIC wasn't phenomenally earth-shattering or anything. But we did have a lot of fun reading it! It's kind of mid, but in a satisfying way, like a classic diner cheeseburger.

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3 bedroom apartment available in seattle :boost_ok: 

Looking for a group willing to take over a 1000sq ft, 3 bedroom apartment lease in central district, Seattle.

We are moving out on Sept 15 and don't want to pay the fees to break our lease -- you will be added to the lease and all utilities / internet / etc will be transferred over to you. When the lease term is over (expires March 17, 2023) you may renew on your own at the rate the apartment complex offers you, and we will coordinate to remove ourselves from the lease at that time.

Our current monthly rent is $3635 / month. Utilities (trash + water + gas + fees) are typically around $60 / month. If you have a car, there is an additional $250 / month charge for parking. Electricity use is metered and managed through Seattle City Light.

The building is a very new, 7 story complex with an Amazon Fresh grocery store in the ground floor. Dogs/cats are allowed (they charge an additional $50/mo pet rent). The apartment unit has air conditioning in the living area (not central air -- bedrooms need ventilation to hallway). The building is walking distance from several restaurants / community areas (park, library, community center) and a short bus ride to downtown.

I will also warn you that the fire alarm system is very sensitive / poorly operated and has triggered building-wide alarms about once/month since I have been living here. Also, the building is managed by Greystar Inc, a massive real estate / property management company, so be warned that property management can be difficult to deal with.

If you are interested, please email me at khr@dragon.monster and we can discuss further details.

it also includes a slight tangent about Bridget Guiltygear that goes WAY too fucking hard

seriously, i better hear all of y'all breaking your fingers hitting SUBSCRIBE on her patreon page before the day is out patreon.com/StormingtheIvoryTo

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i'm a moron. i'm a simp. i caught a new strain of toxoplasmosis from huffing fursuits as a teenager and now my brain does this whenever it sees a cute animal character in a game

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i can tell i'm a fucking furry stooge because i'm watching a stream of Cult Of The Lamb and the thing that is convincing me to play this isn't "wow action AND farming" or even "hoo hoo hoo, The Dark Arts", it's the fact that there's a dedicated controller button to make your little lamb bleat at any time

I'm doing a new podcast with @itsnero and @jessiegender@twitter.com about the SANDMAN series of comic books! I read the shit out of these when I was a teen and then stopped reading them for about a decade. And now everyone's talking about them again! SO: AWAY WE GOOOOoooo anchor.fm/sandjob

Conventions really need a better way to let people mingle and meet new people. Zoos are always packed, there's never enough room. Not enough art jam/game/etc events.

One day left to get some rad comics, zines and merch over at table 106 in the Exhibitorsโ€™ Hall at #ECCC2022!

Also after tabling for a mere six (6) hours yesterday I now feel like ECCC demanding vendors work 9 hours a day for four days straight should be considered some kind of humanitarian crisis. no human should be expected to do this, my legs feel like theyโ€™re cast in LEAD

request for assistance re: western WA housing 

Hey, my GF Rose and her two partners DD and Viv are potentially gonna lose their housing situation in two monthsโ€” does anyone know of any good housing leads in Tacoma or Seattle? Anything would be HUGELY appreciated. DM me!

i've only gotten older and queerer and more politically radical, but if there's been one constant in my life from age 13 to now, it's that They Might Be Giants makes some great music

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