I'm waiting for an OLED TV that does Red/Green/Blue/UV-A. Give me that fluorescence!

Hey Mastodon! Just a reminder that my comic, Transformed!, has just FOUR DAYS left on kickstarter! We still have ~$1200 to go, and I need your help getting there.

Back this monster fighting, boy-smooching, trans magical boy comic TODAY!

โœจ kickstarter.com/projects/mousb โœจ

food talk 

Made popcorn and normally I drizzle olive oil on it in place of butter but tonight I drizzled sesame oil on half of it in
place of the olive oil and it is weird but also works?

TONIGHT ON THE HELP ACTION: we're hanging out with a banshee and searching for a shitty wizard! Also, in addition to the Transgender Law Center, we're also raising money for the Austin Area Urban League to help out Texans who are currently in need! 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern on twitch.tv/thehelpaction !

To those getting below freezing temps for an extended period of time where you're not used to it, if you have outside pipes (e.g. garden hose hookups) find the inside valve for it and turn it off, then open the outside valve until it drains then close it again. There may also be a button on the valve to let air in to purge it easier.

If you have pipes in a crawlspace exposed to the open air, leave a cold tap at the farthest line of any branches open to a drip to keep water flowing. If you can measure water temp, you can see how close it is to freezing to know how bad it is. This can prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

there are a lot of good reasons to hate Quentin Tarantino, but one of my more esoteric personal reasons is that he came up with the line "before, you had my attention. but now, gentlemen, you have my interest", which is an objectively great line, and then gave it to a mega racist slave owner in Django Unchained, tainting it forever. fuck you, Quentin

Trying to make the below happen and I feel like I need to hire a network engineer x-x

Was doing a thought experiment on what it'd take to put the battery backup's external batteries downstairs and at probably a 100ft wire run I'd need at least 6AWG cable, preferably 4-2AWG and oof. Would be better off just backing up the AC circuit directly instead.

it's fitness time 

uh darebee you're gonna need to explain this move a little better, my vertebrae don't bend All The Way Around

Teeny little hacker mice hopping up and down on a keyboard in pairs... I can see it in my mind now... itty bitty street punk fashion... fuck yeah.......

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TONIGHT!! Everyone's favorite D&D live stream THE HELP ACTION
returns, as Glass, Bri, Ambrose and Oleander continue to unravel a small-town web of secrets and sins. 7pm Pacific, 10pm Central! twitch.tv/thehelpaction

Also hey, check out the new promo art by yours truly!

IT'S LIVE. For the next three weeks, I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to get three new #QueerVillainPride enamel pins made-- and I need your help to make them happen!

Each of these pins will be manufactured in vivid, sturdy soft enamel by pin impresarios Alchemy Merch! Buy your favorite.... or nab the whole set!


re: Long post, Cities: Skylines 

Now, the reason for posting is I accidentally left the game running overnight with vehicle despawning disabled. I came back to find *all* the rail lines backed up and no trains being able to move.

Despite reenabling despawning the trains *still* get backed up leaving the town.

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Long post, Cities: Skylines 

First time doing some posting on here about Cities! To recap, here are the threads for previous cities:
* Basic: twitter.com/websterleone/statu
* Circle: twitter.com/websterleone/statu
* Hexagon: twitter.com/websterleone/statu
* Boot Heel: twitter.com/websterleone/statu

But the current city is based on a map I made from scratch in-stream of a town called St. Grantspier. Here's the (current) overview:

GENDER READINGS CRITICAL!!! MELTDOWN IMMINENT!!! Go fission for compliments with these awesome new RADIOACTIVE GENDER CRIMINAL patches, available NOW in my online store! shop.irisjay.net/products/radi

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