I kinda wish I could just post my characters somewhere and get matched with artists who dig the characters to commission them.

Occasionally when I commission an artist they'll mention they really like the character I'm getting art of from them and it's so nice when that happens.

Really the only major feature masto can use right now is the ability to actually transfer your posts between instances when moving.

COVID, e-begging 

One of my bf's coworkers has self-reported COVID symptoms. I'm disabled (ASD, OCD, PTSD, etc) and have asthma and a terrible immune system, and he's our only income earner.

There's a good chance we might have been infected if this kid actually is tested positive, most of my bf's coworkers think this is a hoax and don't bother with hygiene. We might lose our income and need to get tested ourselves soon.

If you have the means to help, we're needing it.


still lowkey can't stop thinking about how, in the movie Rise of the Guardians, the Tooth Fairy collected and archived children's teeth because they contained childhood memories, the implications of which raise SO many questions


Was cleaning one of the HVAC intakes and wound up slicing through the cleaning cloth and into a finger.

Well I'm done with today already.

Hi all! Just moved to this instance for my general account since I was just on the general main instance and wanted something more fitting. Hoping this is my only move! โœŒ

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