> Do a bunch of circuit board work
> Think how the weekly Jackbox game night was cancelled
> Consider doing one tonight
> But they can get repetitive
> There aren't a lot of casual multiplayer games like that though
> Think about a circuit board design game *way too much*.

Ugh, on my phone my 3rd party Twitter/Masto client will play videos without stopping music in the background, but playing saved videos or vids in a web browser will stop the music playing. I just want bg music while I look at stuff.

It's like, imagine there's a dozen people in a living room, four people are trying to play a noisy videogame on the TV, others are chatting about random stuff, a couple are trying to draw, someone's playing a guitar, and you're feeling understandably overloaded and want to break off but your options are inside, with everyone, or outside, with no-one.

You know that if you go outside, someone might join you, but also, you might just be outside by yourself for a couple of hours, if you even wait that long. So do you stay, do you go outside for 15 minutes and see if someone joins, what if someone joins you but overloads you still, what if no one joins you?

There's just no natural dispersion.

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The big problem with Discord voice chats is it's not at all like a real party/meet-up where people can naturally break off into smaller groups to focus on stuff, run into other convos when walking about, etc.

So like, there's no going out on a balcony for some fresh air with a couple of folks and venting a bit before joining back in, there's this inertia to not wanting to leave the main VC.

Plus in a party, everyone knows folks are around and if a group dissolves you could mosey into other groups easily. There's no "TV/videogame" space where you can be on the periphery with other folks then decide to join or leave or close a door. There's this lack of fluidity.


Okay I say "cool", the fox was a huge nerd but I liked 'em.

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current furry events, tangentially 

Ope, just saw the tweet the shitbag made. I'm going back to sleep and hoping my brain focuses on the cool trans fox person with a health issue it made up rather than the real person.

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Oh god I'm catching up on Twitter and apparently there's a shitbag furry artist that no one's named yet that people are talking about and I'd rather go back to the dream drama please.

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Just woke up from a dream in which my brain invented an entire furry (she/it) and Twitter drama around it from whole cloth. And of course it came down to keeping the fandom "clean" and she was actually kinda neat and even had a neat interactive website a lรก the early 2000s.

LIVE IN TEN MINUTES: we're kicking off our wild new quest in The Help Action! Hop on in, have some fun playing D&D with us and help us raise a little cash for the Transgender Law Center!


Nothing like trying to sleep for two and a half hours and failing miserably. Thought I was past this with melatonin but I've been super uncomfortable in bed all night.

Still amused when people think I'm in my low to mid 20s.

Trying to figure out the best way to handle the one LVDS signal (an M-LVDS master clock for the system) but also I'm violating like three different design best-practices right now and if I try to move the IC to the backside to eliminate the issues the 12V trace gets in the way.

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I don't know, I feel like I'm both over and under thinking this CAN stuff. Overthinking because it's just a bonus add-on, underthinking because I'm pretty sure this could be done better.

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Been working on this again, while verifying part availability it turned out the 5V SMPS IC I was using is discontinued.

You can see in the older image how it changed because of that. Also, turns out you need pretty big inductors when your max load is much higher than your min load, and been beefing up traces/vias for higher current to support USB-C DRP.


also i love, like

Destiny 2, recently: "maybe.... the Vanguard...... are not... entirely.... amazing people? I mean we love the Light and all, so of course we're GOOD, but, ahaha"

Warframe: "our shithead abusive dad and his fake robot wife are back again to fuck with us, his aimless band of bloodthirsty traumatized psychic child soldiers who nearly everyone else in the System is bugfuck terrified of"

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Every fandom post when you don't even know what property they're talking about is a picture like this and the text "so true!"

mutual aid request 

I hate to ask, but it's that or give up eating and using electricity.

The jobhunt is at least lively, if not, so far, fruitful, with three interviews pending in the next two weeks.

Another unfortunate factor is the new addition of housing insecurity, with Social Services angling to break up the household of myself and my mother; they're wanting to keep her in a care home. Wretched enough by itself, complicated by the fact it's her whose name is on the apartment's lease, and who pays the rent. It's not comforting[1] to know all that could come to an abrupt end in the next few weeks.

If you're in a position to help:


(At least there's one new element of hope: with TransPlus having been in touch recently, now they've advanced the eligibility date, I may well be relieved of ongoing HRT costs in the next few months)

[1] Yes, I'm understating here.

re: food, seafood 

Also made shrimp tortillas with a cheese sauce. ๐Ÿ˜‹

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