My brain just came up with the word "plotshots". Do with that what you will.

"Tiny whisk until combined"

"We're going to use the pick Bosnian Bill and I made"

What other phrases out there brings this level of happiness from an audience?

hurry up and stick me in a robot body so i can just plug myself in when i'm at home instead of relying on..... Substances

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FYI: wikibooks has a huge free cookbook with tons of recipes. You can learn about different cultural cuisines and see recipes for those as well. For example, there is a section for Native American cuisine.

me: I wanna respond to this person in a comforting manner
my brain: here's a list of two dozen things you can say
me: any of them that don't sound like I'm making it about me or trying to get in their pants?
my brain: lol no. btw here's some random music for you
my brain: ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿค˜

periodic reminder that if you like Ready Player Onโ€” er, Two, you might also like my scrappy queer youth hacker webcomic Crossed Wires:

and if you DONโ€™T like Ready Player Two, youโ€™ll probably like Crossed Wires even more

food, meat 

Had my traditional Wolfenoot dinner tonight. It's a fine tradition that stretches all the way back to last week, when I went grocery shopping and picked up some chicken.

Italian sausage stuffing made with celery and onion, seared and baked chicken, and cider cooked green-beans.

I'll be honest, if I got fired for being trans, and the company apologized to me 52 years later, i'd tell 'em to fuck off

next time someone needs a demonstration of the cut curb effect (e.g. how even the most selfish ablebodied people should want accessibility measures, because what is necessary for a disabled person is often really nice to have if you're ablebodied - for example, a cut curb may be there to make something accessible for people in wheelchairs, but if you're pushing a grocery cart or baby stroller they're also really handy), may i suggest: this meme

Does anyone have any recommendations for backup software for Windows that they've personally used? Looking for something that does local backups to a removable HDD, preferably along with versioning.

Announcing BIRDSONG, a scifi horror collaboration with @Eldritch_Horrorgirl

You are an exobiologist trapped on an inhospitable alien world, forced to study its inhabitants to get a ticket home.

Take risks.
Analyze exofauna.
Discover secrets.

Be the daemon and/or rowdy human you want to see in the world. Also get twisted, poke a hole in the multiverse and shiv God, no rules just right babey

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re: today's NASA/SpaceX Crew-1 launch, EC 

Crew-1's Crew.

L-R: Walker, Glover, Hopkins, Noguchi

Michael Hopkins was recently transferred to the US Space Force, so he will be the first USSF member to fly and will have his officer swear-in ceremony while on orbit, although for this mission he is still flying in an official capacity for NASA.

Victor Glover will be the first African-American member of a long-duration expedition on the International Space Station.

Shannon Walker will be the first woman to fly aboard a commercial spacecraft, and in April she will take over command of Expedition 65, making her the third woman to command an ISS Expedition.

Soichi Noguchi will become the first international astronaut to ride in a commercial vehicle, and he will also become the third human to fly to space in three different vehicles once Crew Dragon Resilience launches with him aboard. Soichi previously flew aboard the Space Shuttle for STS-114 in 2005, and Soyuz TMA-17 in 2009.

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Wow!!! I only have 2 of these vinyl Emu Kid stickers left in stock! Snag one now before they are GONE!

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