Trying to upgrade my CPU today and hoo boy has this been a couple of hours of absurdity and I'm not even done yet. Really hoping this BIOS/EFI update fixes it otherwise I'm gonna be pissed off to have to swap CPUs *again*.


Alright, 3 hours of bullshit later and I have a working computer again. The 5600X I bought from BestBuy had a bent pin but I managed to bend it back and wipe off whoever's fingerprints were on it and now it's installed and working. So much for "new stock" though.

Not to mention when I removed the heatsink from my 3600 the CPU came with it out of the socket. Thankfully it wasn't damaged, although I did give myself two cuts trying to remove it from the heatsink so I could reinstall it to update the BIOS after the 5600X failed to boot.

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Ugh, I have so much tit sweat from doing that. I feel like I need to shower already. And I still gotta clean off the 3600 + heatsink to get it ready to replace the 3400G in the computer I bought for my sister, wherever *that* arrives, so that my desk is clean again so I can *use* my computer...

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