Commission to give some specifics to an unspecified rat.

i'm a mad computer scientist. it means i'm gay and kill nazis with my brain, like alan turing

boost if you're a mouse or would pet a mouse, no one will ever know which

Turns out, while the clinic dutifully fill in the metadata, they're doing it in a funny way. Instead of using tags specified by the standard, they're using different ones. Namely Military branch and military rank.

So our car was recorded being in cat branch of military and having rank of Siamese.

I'm listening to the new Anne Beyond The Darkness album on the tiny speaker on my old crt

if it just had any bass at all this would be the ideal sound

πŸŽ‰ Yay! I got to see first glimpse of my ongoing translation work in @Krita Still and long way to go for 100% translation and also correcting mistakes that I may have done. Any help and volunteers are welcome to contribute. πŸ˜ƒ

i'm a reverse solipsist; everyone in the world is a conscious being with free will, except for me

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C: A danger in the form of an emanation of energy, present in your time as it was in ours, of a particular size and shape, localised entirely below us?

S: Yes!

C: May I see it?


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steamed hams but it's not a place of honor, no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here

so my keyboard is gay now

(dsa astrolokeys on a drop alt keyboard, kaihua silver switches, they're very quiet and tactile and i like that)

An interesting thing about Lexi-Cross is that it not only randomizes different hair styles for the cool robot lady in the intro, but also reads your system's clock to put up an appropriate background.
Honestly I can't remember many DOS games that would have different assets based on user's time of day.

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