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Meemu dot org is intended to be queer friendly and will be moderated with that goal in mind.

General Info

This instance is backed up once a day

The admin(s) of this instance will never sell or provide your personal data to third-parties in any way beyond the scope of running this instance (i.e., toots federate to other instances, and we store your toots and account data, but other than that we won't touch it)

Issues will be dealt with as there is time -- it's possible to have a lengthy downtime, although unlikely.

The Important Things to Note

  1. Use common sense with Content Warnings(CWs). Tag nudity, politics, solicitation, violence, and kink content. Tag anything lewd, or inappropriate for an office environment, generally considered stuff the average person wouldn't wish to see at work.
  2. Crossposters from other services must be CW'd and set as unlisted.
  3. Use image descriptions as much as you can.
  4. Harassment and abusive behaviors are not allowed. This includes harassing other instances because you disagree with their policies
  5. We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, promotion of right wing/nazi ideology, transphobia, ableism.
  6. But, we're not here to mediate personal disputes. Use mutes/blocks/filters where you can to solve stuff outside of these issues.
  7. Admins are not interested in your data. As in, we're not here to snoop your stuff unless it's for the purpose of handling a report.
  8. No advertising This means no accounts on behalf or brands, or accounts representing organizations and/or for the purpose of advertisement allowed. Exceptions: personal accounts promoting artistic services like commissions.
  9. You must be at least 18 years of age to register. Although we aren't an adult-oriented instance, we do federate with instances which are, and we cannot guarantee the timeline to be suitable for minors.
  10. Meta discussions should be CW'd and set to unlisted.
  11. Do not engage in unsolicited mentions-bombing/blowing up someone's mentions. This is roughly defined as rapidly replying to another user at a fast rate, posting multiple, excessive replies in rapid succession, especially unsolicited ones, in which the user has no chance to reply or process the post before another comes through.

Emoji credits!!!

The heart_* pride emojis were made by CAMERATA#4771 on discord!!
The iced coffee, tuna_bro, and misgender corrector were made by @catgoat@meemu.org !
axe from https://emojipedia.org/